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Ningbo Ruidi Art &
Craft Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Ruidi Art & Craft Co., Ltd. has been established for over 20 years, we are a professional manufacturing enterprise. Company located in Ningbo City, which near the Ningbo Beilun Port, this area have complete industrial chain support and convenient transportation network. Ningbo Ruidi plant cover an area of 8000 square meters, and 120 employees. The company has a complete organizational structure, including R&D department, manufacturing technology department, quality department, sales department, and manufacturing department providing high quality crochet hooks & knitting needles at wholesale rates.

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Ningbo Ruidi Art & Craft Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Ruidi Crafts Co., Ltd. is the TOP 5 crochet and knitting needle suppliers in China. The company has been established for nearly 20 years. Company focus on technological innovation and strict quality control, it has been highly praised by domestic and abroad customer .

Q.: Is Ningbo Ruidi Craft Co., Ltd. is manufacturing factory?
A: Yes, all processes are produced by ourselves, and the quality and cost are strictly controlled.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity of order?
A: Normal items MOQ 500, MOQ 2000 with partially specified color.

Q: What is the delivery date of the product?
A: Normal items lead time is 15 days, and that of unconventional products is 30 days.

Q: Does the company have an overseas support team?
A: Yes, we have corresponding after-sales service personnel in the United States and Europe.

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